Overview of SHIN ASAHI CO., LTD.

FoundedMarch 28th, 1953
Company name SHIN ASAHI CO,. LTD
Capital Stock50 million JPY
Number of employees66
RepresentativePresident and Representative Director Hisanori Kitano
Major BanksMitsubishi UFJ Bank(Umeda Branch)
Mizuho Bank(Dojima Branch)
CertificationPlumbing industry
Governor of Osaka Prefecture Approval (Special-3) No. 62056 Specified construction
Governor of Osaka Prefecture Approval (General-3) No. 62056 General construction
Business line
  • Trading of various synthetic resin piping materials
    Valves, pipes, fittings, flanges, bolts, nuts, unions, flexible tubes, hoses, flexible pipes, duct pipes, manufacture, and sale of various industrial equipment made of synthetic pump resin
    ■ Thermoplastic resin
    ・Polyolefin resin(PP, PE)
    ・Polyamide resin(Nylon)
    ・Polyvinyl resin(PVC, C-PVC, Hi-PVC)
    ・Acrylic resin
    ・Fluorine resin(PTFE, PFA, PVDF etc.)
    ■ Chemical equipment, precision-molded products, and equipment parts made of thermosetting resin (FRP)
  • Design and construction of various containers
    Tanks, towers, ducts, etc.
    Trading of civil engineering materials
    Secondary concrete products, Cast iron products, Grating products, etc.
    Design and construction of plumbing
    Trading of synthetic resin special packaging materials
    Polyethylene sheets, Piocelan-molded products, urethane-molded products, tapes, and various injection-molded products.