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We have developed a business solutions using high-performance synthetic resin products as a platform.
With high corrosion resistance, we meet the diverse needs of our customers.


  • Establishment of the Engineering Department

    SHINASAHI CO., LTD. has established a new Engineering Department on the occasion of the merger with Maruichi Shoko Co., Ltd. The Engineering Department specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of production process ancillary equipment and devices for chemical plants, and will work to meet all the needs of production sites.

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We aim to support the development of industrial society and enrich people's lives.

We provide optimal solutions with extensive knowledge, experience and network we have cultivated over the years.


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Our services

Since 1953, we continue to move forward with the slogan, "Striving to meet our customer needs!"

High-performance resin products Commercial and distribution sales

We sell various piping materials made of synthetic resin.
ASAHI YUKIZAI Co.,Ltd. Kansai area agency
Fujikako,Inc Western Japan area general agency

Processing / Manufacturing

Welding, bonding, bending, cutting, etc.
We process and manufacture it according to various uses.

Pipe construction / Construction

Please feel free to contact us for any equipment incidental work such as on-site piping work, prefabricated piping, duct work, installation of pumps and tanks, replacement of plant equipment, etc.

Sales of chemical equipment and instrumentation equipment

Please leave the selection of chemical equipment and instrumentation equipment to us.

Design, manufacture, and sale of various tank containers

We design, manufacture and sell tank containers and tank equipment.

Engineering Department

Experienced engineering power!
We promise to propose chemical equipment with short delivery time and excellent cost performance.


Engineering Department

We offer consultation on engineering design, manufacturing, electrical instrumentation, and incidental work in general, with a focus on production facility design (chemical mixing control and chemical supply control) for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing.

Group network

The ISHIGURO Group's network extends throughout Japan and overseas.