Supporting the development of an industrial society while creating an abundant lifestyle

It is now more than 50 years since Shin Asahi Bussan began business in 1953.
This has truly proven to be an exciting time for the industry over this first half-century. While the industry has continued to carve out a place in history,there have been dramatic ebbs and flows in our industrial society. In our field of industry, where there are continuously new developments in technologies and materials, Shin Asahi Bussan has continued to support the enormous needs of high level economic growth by providing the right industrial products.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are witnessing our generation making yet more dramatic and new changes. The lifestyles of mankind today are continuously evolving, in part to the amazing accomplishments in information technologies. It is also fitting to say that indeed the new field of nanotechnology is also gaining wide interest and attention. In the field of industrial devices as well, there are demands for new types of added value that differ from cost competitiveness. These new demands are focused on a corporation’s consideration of the environment. Specifically, these demands are increasingly placed on products emerging in the next generation. Thus, we consider it our mission to provide our customers with optimum materials and products. This is achieved by vigilantly watching the changes in market trends.
Careful attention to these changes is essential to taking the lead in any industry.
We take pride in our having continued to respond to changes in the market and to the constantly new demands on products. We believe that our diligence in these areas is the key to having been able to develop the unwavering trust we enjoy with our customers. That success from the past is faithfully being carried on into the future.

Shin Asahi Bussan is now taking positive steps toward its next 50 years.
While we will obviously continue to respond to the diversifying needs of our customers, we will also expend much effort to the development of new markets with the same spirit for progress as before. We believe it is our duty to act as a
bridge that links the right materials to the right location. This reflect our desire to grow along with our customers. In other words, we will continue to support the development of an industrial society while creating an abundant lifestyle.
That has been, and will continue to remain as, our goal.

Managing Director
Tsuneo Wakabayashi