Company History

March, 1953
The founding president of the company, Masao Wakabayashi,Began sales of various yarn weaving devices made of composite plastic for rayon plants.
April, 1956
Sales of composite plastic pipe couplers, flanges and valves as a wholesaler in the Kansai district for Asahi Organic Materials Manufacturing Corporation
April. 1963
Sales of PP and FRP pipes and couplers of the Fujikako Co.,Ltd.
January, 1965
Current president Tsuneo Wakabayashi assumed office
October, 1968
Designing, manufacturing and sales of all varieties of devices And tanks of composite plastic
April, 1973
Established business offices in Kyoto, Himeji and Wakayama
April, 1974
Established Piping work division
June, 1987
Sales of all varieties of civil engineering materials and construction materials
April, 1990
Established Osaka storage
November, 1991
General construction industry and pipe industry certification Certified by Osaka-fu governor (General-14) #87652
June, 1993
Established Sakai office
October, 2001
Established Kobe business office (merged Himeji office)
May, 2002
Sales of special packing materials of composite plastic
July, 2002
Established Keiji sales office (merged Kyoto office)
February, 2008
Established Okayama business office
October, 2010
Current president Midori Wakabayashi assumed office